Cosmetic Dentistry

Serving Georgetown, Round Rock, and Austin, Texas

Implant or bridge? Which one is better?

As with most things in dentistry, the thing that is better for you as a patient is what fits your goals and needs and desires.  It isn’t up to the dentist to say that you should have this or do that… The dentist’s role should be to act as a guide or consultant and to provide you with the information necessary to make the decision that is best for you.

Annual Smile Freely Time!

With our Smile Freely program, we will provide the treatment to rebuild a smile and help someone change their life because it’s their smile that is holding them back! Every community has people who are held back by something they don’t have the resources or expertise to resolve, and we are excited to get the chance to provide this as a gift to our community and whomever this person is… but we need your help! 

Yes, we are that kind of dentist!

More and more often we have had people call and ask if we do regular dentistry, or if we could recommend a regular dentist.  A little confused because we are that kind of dentist, we ask questions.  It turns out that people hear about the amazing smiles we have helped patients create for themselves, or that we have walked with patients through the process of rebuilding their bite and then helping them to re-restore their mouths to one that fits and functions and looks amazing – the smile they had always wanted and also being freed of chronic head and neck pain.  Or, people who have can’t re

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