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September 12, 2012

Brushing your teeth is something we encourage all our  patients to do on a regular basis, and flossing is just as important. As an essential element of proper dental hygiene , flossing can reach all of the spots in between the teeth that merely brushing cannot. If you don’t floss, you miss cleaning 35% of tooth surface!   When flossing, 18 inches should be used, and held taut between the index finger and thumb on both hands. About one to two inches of floss should be in the space separating hands, and each tooth should be flossed individually, using a zigzag motion to remove any lodged particles; as you move between teeth, a fresh section of floss should be used. Once you are finished with each section, use... Read More

August 20, 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Holley! She is the feature dentist in The Progressive Dentist magazine. Click on the link to read the article!

July 23, 2012


Follow these tips for a great report on your next dental visit!

1) Brush Properly.

It is important to brush after breakfast in the morning to remove plaque and bacteria that have accumulated over night (and from your morning meal) and to brush last thing at night because saliva (which helps to wash the cavity-causing plaque off teeth) dries up as we sleep.

2) Floss your teeth at least once a day if not more.

This will keep plaque from building up.

3) Limit your sugary foods to avoid getting tooth cavities.

4) Use a fluoride toothpaste.

A fluoride tooth paste will help strengthen your enamel, maki... Read More

June 28, 2012

The British Dental Health Foundation is looking to educate the public on good oral health after scientists discovered severe gum disease could be linked to an increased risk of head and neck cancer cases caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).Although further research is required to determine the exact relationship of the link between severe gum disease and an increased risk of HPV-related oral cancer, it is not the first time poor oral health and cancer have been linked. Recent research carried out at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden suggested failure to brush your teeth properly could increase the chance of premature death resulting from cancer. They found a link between high levels of dental plaque –... Read More

May 11, 2012

We have recently started offering our patients a new bleaching system and have seen some AMAZING results! The KoR Whitening System works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen.  The oxygen from its whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving stain molecules.  KoR is also proven to produce little to no sensitivity.  Call  our office for more information or to schedule a consultation.

April 13, 2012

In the United States alone, over 30,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year, and more than 8,000 people lose their battle to the disease.  At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, the health and satisfaction of patients is our top priority, and if cancer is detected, we want to ensure that it is taken care of and defeated. Dr. Holley and Dr. Hay use the VELscope to help detect oral cancer at an early stage.  It is important to to schedule regular dental exams every 6 months-to provide the oral detection screening and keep your teeth and gums healthy!

April 11, 2012

Ready for a brighter smile?   Combine these tips  with professional whitening and regular dental cleanings, and you will have a beautiful smile!

1. Use an electric toothbrush

A good quality electric toothbrush will not only clean your teeth and gums more effectively, it will also remove stain better than a manual toothbrush,(we recommend Philips Sonicare)  especially when combined with a whitening toothpaste.

2. Floss

Flossing daily will help remove plaque and prevent gum disease.

3. Modify soda and other dark liquid consumption

One solution is to use a straw to drink them, which reduces exposure to stain.

Of course, it’s not exactly a classy way to enjoy a... Read More

March 16, 2012

A major focus of World Sleep Day 2012 is obstructive sleep apnea, which is a prevalent and often under-recognized problem. The Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study estimated an OSA prevalence of 24% among men and 9% among women in that state of the USA.

Fortunately, with accurate diagnosis, both adult and pediatric sleep apnea are treatable and correctable. Treatment ranges from non-invasive procedures, such as continuous positive airway pressure (or CPAP, a machine that delivers air at a predetermined pressure through a mask placed over the nose), to oral appliances designed to keep the throat open, to surgery to remove excess tissue from the throat or enlarge the oral container by means of maxillomandibular ad... Read More
March 09, 2012

You may think that going to the dentist regularly may only serve to flash your pearly whites and healthy gums. While it is certainly true that regular check ups and cleanings help to promote good oral health by preventing tooth decay and gum disease, the benefits of maintaining oral health reach far beyond your mouth.

Marker of the State of your General Health

Your mouth and tongue are external markers of the state of your overall health. Your mouth offers a snaphot into whether you may be suffering from anemia, a vitamin or even a trace element deficiency. A number of viral and bacterial diseases first manifest in the oral cavity. Your mucous membranes and tongue al... Read More

February 01, 2012

Dr. Holley and Dr. Hay will be attending more LVI courses this month to further their training and education.  As the largest and most comprehensive post-Doctoral dental educational facility, LVI has helped thousands of dentists from around the world expand their understanding and take better care of their patients.  The fact that Dr. Holley and Dr. Hay  have taken advantage of the education offered at LVI is a testimonial to their dedication to their profession and will let you know that they have been exposed to information beyond what is taught in dental schools.  Dentistry is an amazing profession and through it we can make an incredible impact into people’s lives.  Thousands of people across the globe a... Read More