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December 19, 2011

We are wishing all our patients a safe and happy holiday season! We look forward to welcoming a wonderful and prosperous New Year!!!

November 03, 2011

Dr. Holley and Dr. Hay have just completed more courses at LVI. Dr. Holley attended courses last week and Dr. Hay attended this week. They have already registered for more courses next year which will include taking the whole team. We are all excited to be furthering our training at LVI next year!

October 07, 2011

Regular Dental Check-ups Important

Oral cancer screening is a routine part of a dental examination. Regular check-ups, including an examination of the entire mouth, are essential in the early detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions. You may have a very small, but dangerous, oral spot or sore and not be aware of it.

Your dentist will carefully examine the inside of your mouth and tongue and in some patients may notice a flat, painless, white or red spot or a small sore. Although most of these are harmless, some are not. Harmful oral spots or sores often look identical to those that are harmless, but testing can tell them apart. If you have a sore with a likely cause, your dentist may... Read More

September 07, 2011

The battle against plaque, tooth decay and gum disease might be more difficult for women after menopause, according to researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic, who recommend that after menopause women should see a dentist for cleanings up to four times per year.

Scientists studied the dental status of 28 postmenopausal women with normal bones and 28 who were taking bisphosphonates therapies for osteoporosis for two years or longer. The women, between the ages of 51 and 80, received CT scans of their jaws and a complete periodontal check for dental plaque, bleeding and bone loss. Participants followed oral ADA guidelines for brushing, flossing a... Read More

July 26, 2011

We have had alot of changes this year, but the biggest one was moving into our new office.  We have had a very smooth transition due to our wonderful patients.  We are also proud that once again Dr. Holley was listed in 2011 Texas Super Dentists! This is her second year to be listed.  She will be listed in a special advertising section that will be seen in the 2011 December issue of Texas Monthly, featuring approximately ten percent of Texas Dentists!

November 17, 2010

Once again we are having a ZOOM! holiday special.  Call to schedule a ZOOM! appointment and receive $100 off courtesy!

August 26, 2010

Watch Dr. Holley and her team on the Austin Edition of “American Healthfront” on Saturday August 28th at 6:30pm immediatley following KVUE local news.  We are happy to have this wonderful opportunity to educate the public about TMD and Neuromuscular Dentistry and so proud of our team!

July 12, 2010

Call now to whiten and brighten your smile with ZOOM! in office bleaching. During the summer we will offer a $100 courtesy off the regular price! So call to get your teeth whiter and brighter today!!

May 04, 2010

We are often asked by our patients, “Your fee for this is over what my insurance company calls ‘usual and customary.’ Does this mean you are overcharging me?” Insurance companies, on an individual basis, come up with these fees for all dental procedures for a certain geographical region. When our state dental association asks these companies for data to see how the numbers were arrived at and which, if any, dentists were surveyed, they are told that the information is confidential and will not reveal it. The insurance company’s only reason for establishing artificially low “reasonable and customary” fees is to cause animosity between the dentist and the patient. It is the insurance company’s... Read More

March 17, 2010


  87 Million Americans snore, so you are not alone, however, you could be in danger. 40 million Americans are chronic sufferers of sleep disorders, but only 10% have been treated or diagnosed. Snoring occurs when the airway or passage through which you breathe becomes partially blocked. This happens when your tongue falls back as you drift off into deeper sleep. In many cases, snoring is minor and your body continues to get adequate amounts of oxygen, causing little or no harm, although your bed partner my disagree. Snoring can also be a red flag for an early sign of “Obstruct... Read More