Dental Implants


Implant or bridge? Which one is better?

Posted: December 2, 2018

As with most things in dentistry, the thing that is better for you as a patient is what fits your goals and needs and desires.  It isn’t up to the dentist to say that you should have this or do that… The dentist’s role should be to act as a guide or consultant and to ... Read More

You can have your teeth back!

Posted: November 27, 2018

Dental implants have been a part of dentistry for hundreds of years, but there have been some huge steps that have been taken starting in the early 80s and culminated in incredible evolution and an absolute game changer for patients today!  While nothing in the body is 100%, there are a few things that are ... Read More

Comprehensive Care is More Conservative! (Part 2)

Posted: November 12, 2018

And is much cheaper in the long run! Dental disease fits in one of three categories: Bacterial infections in the gum tissue Bacterial infections in the teeth Dysfunction in the structure and bite Each of them can be treated by standard or traditional dental care and treated completely incorrectly.  On the other hand, in a dental ... Read More

The 8 Biggest Frustrations With Dentures

Posted: October 30, 2018

Dentures can fall out – Have you ever been mid-sentence in a conversation and felt your denture pop loose?  Or find yourself worrying about how to hold them in place with your tongue while you are talking to friends?  This is one of the most common frustrations with people who wear dentures and the longer you ... Read More

Ghosts & Goblins May Be Scary; Your Dental Visits Don’t Have To Be!

Posted: October 25, 2018

The most expensive and complicated dental work is delayed dental work, so the key to having easy visits is to get your mouth healthy now!  Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime and the days of ending life in a denture are in the past!  However, the reality is no one loves having dental ... Read More

Yes, we are that kind of dentist!

Posted: October 11, 2018

More and more often we have had people call and ask if we do regular dentistry, or if we could recommend a regular dentist.  A little confused because we are that kind of dentist, we ask questions.  It turns out that people hear about the amazing smiles we have helped patients create for themselves, or ... Read More

Pardon our Dust!

Posted: May 3, 2018

Growing Pains… Thank you! For those of you who have been in the office recently, you can tell that we have been up to something!  We tried to keep it quiet, but it’s hard to miss the holes in the roof or the fact that there is a huge stairwell in the middle of the ... Read More